What’s Next for Bitcoin| Will Amazon Buy Bitcoin?


Amazon Buys Bitcoin

Will Amazon Buy Bitcoin?

Institutional investments are flooding into Bitcoin and the crypto ecosystem every other day. In the last year, we’ve had MicroStrategy, Tesla, Etf’s, and Crypto funds come abroad, and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. The question is, with the deadline for earnings quickly approaching, will we see the Walmarts, Facebook, and Amazon buy-in?

We know Mark Zuckerberg recently tweeted a picture of his two goats called Max and Bitcoin. He’s hinting at something. Walmart has been all over CNBC and media coverage regarding a massive investment they potentially made into bitcoin that they’ve yet to announce. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos was speaking at length about Bitcoin recently, and every analyst in the world knows that it makes absolute sense for Amazon to integrate. Within the next couple of weeks, you will see massive players enter the arena. 

How long until the next big jump?

Bitcoin has performed outstandingly since its inception. There has never been anything in the world that got to a 1 trillion dollar network faster than Bitcoin. From 1 trillion, we will begin to see the overtaking of gold as the ultimate store of value at 10 trillion. At 100 trillion, that’s when we will see smaller nation-states start investing. On the journey upward to 500 Trillion, every company, consumer, and nation-state will be pouring into Bitcoin. So when is the next bitcoin jump? It’s coming any day now, and you won’t want to miss this uptick because Bitcoin could take off and never come back down again. 

Why Haven’t Institutions already bought?

This question comes up often, but for all the wrong reasons. Bitcoiners are well aware of the Kevin O’Leary’s and Mark Cubans of the world who talk down Bitcoin but secretly buy and hodl it. There are high-profile billionaires, private companies, and influencers who come out of the woodworks breaking the news that they’ve been holding for years now. With all this news regarding Bitcoin ETF’s, Ethereum ETF’s killing it, rumours of massive companies like Walmart, Facebook, and Amazon buying bitcoin, something is coming. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and what you should be asking is. What institutions have bought bitcoin and how much and are hiding it from us to keep their average price low. 

Who’s on Bitcoin’s side currently?

Let’s look at the current players and big companies HOLDING bitcoin. Microstrategy holds over 90k bitcoin’s in their treasuries. Tesla recently invested hundreds of millions in Q4. Galaxy Digital holding has over 16,000 Bitcoins in its holdings. Not to mention Grayscale, Coinshare, & Bitwise all hodl no less than 500 million. We are talking about Michael Saylor, Elon Musk, Mike Novogratz that have personally invested billions of their own money into Bitcoin as the ultimate one-duration asset. They say you can see the future of winners and losers by whose supporting which side. I think it’s safe to say Bitcoin is the winner.


Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin. Buy the dips, dollar cost average, and simply Hodl. Don’t allow the negative news and parabolic drops to affect what you know about bitcoin as a store of value. Don’t worry about institutional investment. It’s coming, and big news will be announced within the next two weeks regarding companies like Walmart and Amazon buying Bitcoin. Bitcoin has gone up 200% every single year this past decade and is the most highly and quickly adopted technology there has ever been. At every stage of its development, Bitcoin has grown exponentially, and it will continue. While you’re worried and waiting for big communes to buy bitcoin, they are buying and holding while you miss out.